Med school housing options

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May 23, 2013
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I am potentially foreshadowing a year out from now but this popped into my head.

What percentage of M1 students live on their own? Apartment? Full house?

Is it common to live alone or with other students you meet via some pre-M1 group?

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Most people at my school live with classmates. We met via Facebook in the spring/summer before matriculation. Where I live, it's a lot more cost effective to live in a 2+ bedroom apartment rather than a single/efficiency. Most people live in 2-bed apartments, a couple people (mainly MSTPs) live in houses, and I know there's a huge group of MS1's (like 10 maybe?) living in a huge house.
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This very much depends on the location of your school and the cost of rental housing in the area. If rental housing is very expensive or unavailable then you are likely to find that school owned dorms are your best bet. In other markets, schools can't compete with the cost of rentals in the private sector and you'll almost always get more space and a better situation by sharing a 2 bedroom than getting something on your own.
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That just reminds me of Grey's Anatomy, LOL.

To be fair, it's a very large house (like 3 stores + basement) that is separated into apartments. I believe it houses 18 people total. Med students just happen to take up more than half of the house.