Med School Math Requirement

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Dec 16, 2001
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Beyond one term of calculus, what would MOST medical schools prefer that an applicant take: another term of calculus or a term of statistics? I am not really concerned with individual schools because at this point I haven't narrowed it down to where I would like to apply. Thanks! :)

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There are only a few schools I can think of off the top of my head that require a full year of calc [Harvard,Duke], but from what I've read from a many med school web sites is that statistics is recommended. Do a search for yourself though and browse around, get a fell for what schools you are interested in require. Good luck
UCLA requires a semester of stats.


oh wait. i got rejected. pre-interview.
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Like Newton said, only a few schools require two semesters of calculus. Actually, if you did calcI, that will be enough for many schools. Some require two semesters of math eg calcI and some other math, like mt sinai. I have only completed calc I and that is it. I guess if I get accepted to mt. sinai, I will have to pick up the easiest math class possible somewhere. So look in the msar book from the aamc to be more specific.