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Jun 2, 2002
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Kind of a random question, but for those with experience in the Navy, what does it take to become a flag officer in the medical corps? Are any specific specialties, experiences, medals, or personalities more common in those who make it to O-7/O-8/O-9. I mean it when I say that I joined the Navy to be a naval officer -- when the Air Force recruiters explained that Navy docs were Naval officers (i.e. AF docs are docs who happen to wear uniforms), then I knew that the Navy was for me. At this point I'm just trying to figure out if it is the right place for me to stay for the long haul.

I'm heavily leaning towards emergency medicine, though on par with my interest in medicine is an interest in the study of government and practice of politics. Thinking to the future, i.e. to become career Navy or not, I'm just curious what it takes to make it to the level where one could possibly improve some of the problems that you learn about on this board and elsewhere.


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Dec 9, 2004
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The Capitol Physician, RADM Eisold is an O-8 and an internist. He has been clinical his entire career, to work in this office you need to be top of your class in all parts of training. There are young internists working in that office too and they have exceptional credentials.


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Jun 27, 2000
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It seems that the Navy O-6 (and above) physician is a rare species and will likely become more so in this current climate. It seems that most high-ranking physicians that I have met have had to sell their souls to the administrative gods (demons?). Become head of something in your department, then head of that, etc, then do a lot of paperwork.

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