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Oct 23, 2011
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Hey all!

I am an MS1 interested in medical education research, and will likely get involved with it regardless of how it is viewed by residencies, but I was just curious -- would this type of research and would publications in MedEd be seen as favourable by program directors, or is it lumped more in with extracurriculars and not seen as terribly important? Should I supplement my involvement with these projects with basic/clinical research at some point during my time in med school as well? I want to go into academic medicine, and am currently interested residencies with a clinician-educator track. My end goal is to see patients and teach, and I am less interested in clinical or basic or translational research being a part of my career (this may change, of course). Realistically, I'll probably dip my toe into clinical research at some point over the next four years, maybe in the summer between MS1 and MS2, but I was just curious to hear how medical education research is perceived since it's not often discussed on these forums that I've seen, anyway.

Thanks all! :)
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