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  1. :DHello there

    I wasn't sure where to open this topic, so if this is not the best place I'm very sorry. I've read all the other topics related to "Sweden" but haven't found exactly what I was looking for. So, here it is:
    I'm a 5th year medical student in Romania, Bucharest and I am also a native Romanian citizen. Last year I decided to do my residency in Sweden and started gathering info about it. First step made was contact with Sweden Embassy in Bucharest, they gave me some info about this; as far as I could understand, I need my graduation license and good knowledge of the language.
    So I started studying Swedish in one of the two places available in my country ( yeah, I know, this sucks. luckily with the foreign books and the internet), considering I have another 2 years to reach a decent level of the language and to get my medical diploma. But I have no idea what exactly do I have to do to get into a residency programme in Sweden, I have little information about the medical sistem. How to get into the sistem? I want to be a Pathologist so I'm interested in a residency in General Pathology/ Anatomical Pathology. Here in Romania, after graduating University, we have a national residency exam once a year ( usually november) and after that, considering your score, you can get a speciality.... how are things there?

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and hope someone will have some answers for me. Have a great day!

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    Unfortunately, most of the posters here are only familiar with the US system, so I doubt that you'll be able to get the answers that you are looking for. I'm going to move this thread to the International forum; hopefully someone there will know more about Swedish residencies.

    Good luck. :luck:
  4. Uhm, I'm so sorry for posting this in the wrong place; I searched on the Intl section of the forum but found little info about Residency in particular, so figured that here might have the chance to find some residents in Sweden. After opening the topic realised 90% of the users were from other parts of the world ( like...USA :) ). So thanks a lot for moving it where it needs to be.

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