Dec 19, 2020
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Hello! I am a freshman Pre-Med student studying Neuroscience at a 4-year university in the US. I am really interested in pursuing medical school and furthering my career abroad, more particularly the UK. I have a multitude of questions, but I will list a few below!

-Is it a better idea to do medical school in the US and maybe pursue residency in the UK (not exactly sure if it follows the same path) or start medical school right off the bat in the UK? Based on my research, med students in the UK start right out of high school, so am I wasting time and money this way?

-What is the best way to become a doctor in the UK coming from the US and already in my undergrad? Are there any other paths that wouldn't require me to redo medical school if I decide to do that in the US?

-What do I need to do/be researching about the process?

-Basically, what should I do to become a doctor the best and fastest way from my current situation?

Any bit of advice or guidance helps, I am almost reaching out blind for information! I just know I am super interested in becoming a doctor, but I kind of want to get out of the US and live in the UK (hopefully permanently). I appreciate any help :)


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Mar 29, 2014
Stockholm, Sweden
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I’m not UK or US but from what I understand I think med school is cheaper per year but longer in the UK so cost difference might be very small if you can get a cheap/subsidized spot in the US. Some Texas med school tuitions can be sub 20k if you’re a resident.

Post med school is probably about equally hard, with lower pay in the UK. Past specialization reimbursement is way higher in the US.

From what I’ve heard from friends about the UK medical education, I would rather have taken my chances in the US post med school and save up a nest egg before transitioning to wherever else I wanted to be by then.
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