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May 16, 2018
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This may not be the best forum to post this, but with so many passionate and intelligent individuals on here I figured why not. Maybe it'll even drive some interest in the future.

I've been working (very slowly) on an innovative online-based medical education platform. Though it had been put on the back burner the past few years, some strides have been made this year to get things moving. The problem...not enough time (I'm sure everyone on here can relate!).

I'm thinking it's high time to see if there are others out there interested in getting in from the ground up.

What is it?
Well, without giving away too many of the secrets in a public forum, it is the next level of medical education and student-teacher networking. By synthesizing education theory, psychology, medical knowledge, and computer programming into a revolutionary concept (at least for medical education material) I aim to make the content not only more affordable (and much of it free) for medical students, but also allow them to learn at a much more rapid pace then traditionally expected.

What qualities am I looking for?
  • Ideally, anyone interested should already have a strong foundation in medical basic science concepts, and preferably some clinical science experiences as well: although any of the skills below are just as important.
  • A background in web design, video/audio editing, graphic design, blog writing, computer programming, phone app development, or online course creation would be very helpful. Obviously, attempting to do all of these myself has not been very time-effective up to this point.
  • Be able to dedicate at least 8 hours a week to the projects assigned. It's work at your own pace so you set whatever hours are convenient for you.
  • Be willing to learn on top of your current academic/professional requirements. There are many technologies and learning theories that are being implemented and at least a basic understanding of the variety of businesses appendages will be needed, though not immediately.
If interested in knowing more message me. We can try to set up an email or Skype meeting if need be.

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