1. SimpleContacts

    Im a doctor who founded a tech company

    Hi future doctors! Im a doctor (ophthalmology attending 5 years out, 3 years of which were in academics) that started a tech company in the telemedicine space. I felt that when i was a medical student and resident and fellow there was very little structured information on entrepreneurship...
  2. C

    Medical Start-up: Partners Wanted

    This may not be the best forum to post this, but with so many passionate and intelligent individuals on here I figured why not. Maybe it'll even drive some interest in the future. I've been working (very slowly) on an innovative online-based medical education platform. Though it had been put on...
  3. neuroace

    Max no. of clinics a MD can own?

    1. What is the highest number of clinics you know a Dr to own- and what is their annual income? 2. Could a MD ever own, say, 50 clinics?
  4. 7

    Are there any informative entrepreneurial Dentistry books?

    I'm looking for a book to give me insight into ideas to become an entrepreneurial dentist (i.e dentist who runs multiple dental practices for profit). I would like if it went in depth about the business side of it, such as financing/overhead etc. Are there any quality books you guys would...
  5. 7

    Is anyone else scared about the future of dentistry?

    For some reason I've been reading a ton of articles on the rise of DSO's and the group model, and it makes dentistry seem like a less desirable profession the more I read about it. People like Marc Cooper make it seem like every dentist in the future is going to be a corporate slave taking...