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Apr 3, 2002
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Quick question about medicine elated volunteer experience. I did about 2,000 hours of medical volunteering/shadowing in high school. During college, I kind of leaned towards more traditional social service oriented stuff - I volunteered as a tutor at an alternative high school, at a Planned Parenthood (mostly administrative), and working with a developmentally disabled adult, as well as at a clinical research program at a psychiatric hospital (this did not involve patient contact). I also had a paid position at a residential treatment center for troubled kids. I am going to be starting a paid clinical research position in a few weeks that this will involve some patient contact. My question is should I be worried about my complete lack of hospital or clinic volunteer work post-secondary school? I really enjoyed the volunteering I did during college and would do all that over again, but is the job I am starting going to be enough in terms of medical experience or do schools specifically want to see *volunteer* medical experience beyond what I did in high school. Sorry if this is a silly question!



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Mar 14, 2002
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You're set man. Make sure you mention all that HS volunteering in your secondaries, PS, or somewhere when you apply, even if they're just looking for college experience. All those other college ECs are great.
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Jun 6, 2002
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It sounds like you had amazing experiences -- you're going to have a lot to talk about in your essays and interviews. Be sure not to diminish your responsibilities, even if you just saw them as "administrative." Adcomms are looking for any demonstrations of leadership and initiative, in whatever guise they appear.

Good luck!


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Jan 30, 2002
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You've got plenty of strengths. Lean on them. Don't bring up your weaknesses or shortcomings. Paint yourself in the best light possible.
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