medicine sub-I necessary?

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May 21, 2001
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i am wondering how many current anesthesia residents, prelim interns, or even 4th year med students planning to match in anesthesiology, did (or strongly recommend doing) a medicine sub-I for a fourth year student?

i can see how it's useful, but i'm really wondering if it's a huge mistake not to do it. instead, i'm thinking of doing a couple of other electives (cardiology, icu, etc.). i also have a thesis to complete during 4th year. i'll do a sub-I in anesthesiology at my home institution for letters and exposure (and i have excellent medicine evals from clerkships.). probably will do a year as a medicine intern. thots?

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I didnt do one. I was never asked about it in interviews. I did get a medicine letter from the third yr clerkship director. A medicine Sub I would have been torture for me. I would reccomend an ICU month for sure (i did med and surg) I was asked about ICU experience on ~80% of my interviews. And plus ICU is fun..lots of procedures, acute care, and ventilators are kewl. Outside of that enjoy fourth year!!! Im doing an occupational med month now and all I do is a couple of phyicals and surf the internet.....
my school requires a medicine sub-I of everyone, except for those going into peds who can do a peds sub-I instead, and doesn't allow sub-I's in other specialties. i thought it was a pretty good experience. then again, i went back to the VA (where i did my m3 medicine) and had a blast.

i agree with doc_strange about doing an ICU month. i was asked about ICU a lot too. unfortunately, i hadn't done it yet, but i told them all that i had an upcoming month in the MICU. i also did a month on the pain service, which i found to be helpful and let me talk intelligently about it during my interviews.