Megyn Kelly of FOX news discusses 2014 CMS Interventional Pain Cuts Today

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I just listened to her on FOX news. She had a guest on, not sure if he was a doc or administrator, that runs one of these mega multi state pain clinic conglomerations with office fluoro and ASCs.

They discussed the massive ESI pay cuts, discussed they estimate 40% of pain docs to go out of business, discussed the overall plan of the "Anti-American" Comrade Obama's plan to drive docs into Hospital employ where they can be controlled like sheep under threat of termination. Sounds like Megyn Kelly's ex husband was also a pain doc or involved in a pain clinic.

She also mentioned SCS cuts and vertebroplasty as a procedure.

I hope all you physicians that voted for Comrade Obama reap the rewards His Holiness will bring you, such as the wonderful rewards he will grant you by closing your private practice for you and giving you a lovely job in a Hospital where you can be another cog in the machine.

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I know one of the guys who works there and he's solid so I'm thinking it's legit.
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Huge is an understatement looking at their website. I know 4 of the docs there and they are as well trained and ethical as they come. I keep in frequent contact with one of them- definitely sounds legit to me.
interesting that fox news is supporting our plight. Where is msnbc or nbc or cnn?
We need ASIPP leaders to take to the airwaves, like Dr. Kloth did for Tricare RFA denials.
by the way, M. Kelly is great.
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I posted the video on my fb page and am speaking with the local news station next week...
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santa is black, I forgot.... or is he atheist?
stop wasting your time on msnbs/Rachel maddow show.
read some impartial editorials on

My post was in reference to the "hard news" Megyn covers, I don't watch Maddow but she is an intellectual giant compared to Kelly.
At least she ( Kelly) has some education unlike the blowhards ..Hannity, Limbaugh