Meharry College of Dentistry Class of 2028 Interview/Acceptance Thread


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Jun 24, 2022
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Link to last year's thread: Meharry College of Dentistry Class of 2027 Interview/Acceptance Thread

Link to interview prep: Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry Interview Feedback
----> Be sure to give feedback on your interview to help future applicants! :)

Link to school website: Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry

Class of 2024 (ADEA Guide) General Stats:
Overall GPA: 3.26
Science GPA: 3.12
DAT: 17.6AA, 17.7TS, 17.2PAT
Applied: 2,137
OOS: 1,952 Applied, N/A Interviewed, 88 Accepted
IS: 110 Applied, N/A Interviewed, 11 Accepted
International: 75 Applied, N/A Interviewed, 0 Accepted
# Enrolled: 62
Class of 2026 (ADEA Guide) General Stats:
Overall GPA: 3.29
Science GPA: 3.16
DAT: 17.5AA, 17.1TS, 17.0PAT
Applied: 2,076
OOS: 1,894 Applied, 84 Accepted
IS: 88 Applied, 13 Accepted
International: 94 Applied, 4 Accepted
# Enrolled: 75
5th-95th Percentiles
Science: 2.57-3.75
Overall: 2.76-3.81

Good luck everyone!

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Has anyone heard from Meharry other than the initial email that your application is under review? Or did you have to pay a supplemental fee?
No, I still have not heard anything or received their supplemental.
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Received the supplemental to Meharry today. Received email of completion on 07/18.
Received the supplemental today as well!
Received my supplemental application invite yesterday as well. Is it sent to everyone?

I applied on July 28th. Re-applicant.
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Meharry takes their time for sure! Just be patient and have faith. Y'all got this!
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got an invite today!

Finally! I still haven’t received anything but that’s good. When did you submit and when is the interview date?
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congrats to those who received interviews!! when did you guys submit secondary apps?

App Submitted: 8/17
Finalized: 9/12(hounded LORs since June...smh)

DAT: 20AA, TS18, 17BIO, 18GC, 19OC, 26R, 20QR, 17PAT
Overall GPA: 3.15
Science: 2.97

Interview Invite: 10/9
Dates: 10/24-25(Virtual)

Interview was conversational. They sent an email to pick a week in October, and during that week your interviewers will call to setup the meeting. Had 2 virtual interviews. Was a bit hectic since they scheduled interviews during their daily schedule, so just be aware if you work. Overall a good experience.

Edit: Didn't give gpa context. Got burned out in undergrad and made some mistakes. Ended up teaching for a few years and doing a post bacc(3.5) and smedp(B-Recommended)
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Good Morning Everyone! I just finished my first interview with Meharry and wanted to shed some light on my experience so far!!

Traditional Applicant
App Submitted: 8/5
App Finalized: 8/8

DAT: 19AA, TS 20, 21 BIO, 21 GC, 19 Orgo, 20 RC, 19 PAT, and 15 QR
Overall GPA: 3.90
Science GPA: 3.84

Notified about Interview: 10/25
Interview Period I selected: 11/28-12/1

I had picked to have a later interview period only because I am a division one college student athlete in the middle of my season, so I wanted to wait until after my season was over for my interviews. Although I picked the later interview date, one of my interviewers reached out about doing an interview this week, so I just took the opportunity. Overall, I had an amazing experience with my first one! My interviewer was very nice and it really was conversational. It is clear that they really want to get to know you as a person outside of whats on your application to ensure that you fit within their mission. I will be sure to update this when I have my second interview. Good luck everyone!!!!
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What’s good y’all I’m a D1 at Meharry, please DM me if you have any questions! My interviewers were Dr. Harrison and Dr. Sykes-Smith!
Accepted, email came in at 11:01 (cst). Good luck to you all!
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Congratulations to those who have received their acceptance! Im proud of you!

For those who haven't heard anything yet I didn't get my first interview until Feb, second interview March, Acceptance April! Keep Pushing and Striving for greatness! Welcome D28!
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Anyone know if they are still sending out interviews invites?
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thanks! do you know if meharry offers merit aid when they offer admission or after?
I am not sure. I know fafsa is being weird this year, and that may be why schools are a bit more behind on that. My impressions were that a lot of dental schools offer scholarships around acceptance day, but I haven't really seen that this year.
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