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    I am currently finishing up a masters degree in human genetics here in the US and have just been accepted to U. Melbourne. I am still waiting to hear from the US schools I applied to but am seriously considering Australia (I spent a semester abroad in Melbourne).

    How does the Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) program work (is it similar to the US MD/PHD programs)? I am applying to MD/PHD programs here and am interested in surgery; will this program be an option for me?

    Does anyone know if US students can continue by doing residency/internships in Oz?

    How competitive will my MBBS be in obtaining surgical residencies in the states?

    If I do decide to study medicine in the US, can I do a rotation in Melbourne?

    Any answers would be greatly appreciated; I fear I will have to decide between the US and Australia and really need to make the right choice.

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