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Discussion in 'Dental' started by Richard R Scherf, Aug 12, 2001.

  1. Richard R Scherf

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    Feb 13, 2000
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    Monster2 has been placed on notice that his postings are not welcome on the Dental and Pre-Dental Forums.

    Anyone who poses an annoyance, threat, etc. to these forums will be dealt with accordingly by me. My post of March 15, 2001 explains the purpose of these dental forums.

    As moderator I am not the person who has all the answers to the questions posed and so I don't respond to the postings. I believe that there are many others who post to these forums who have knowledge and do an excellent job of answering members' questions. I'm proud that we have such people who do this work.

    The two threads begun on August 6 and 7 by Monster2 have become self-limiting. In the last week there have been no more posts to those threads. I leave them as examples of bickering. Personal and professional attacks will stop much more quickly if they are ignored.

    If the attacks warrant, I will delete entire threads and block the perpetrators. That includes other posters who feed the thread.

    I'm sure there are more important things in your lives than taking Message Board attacks seriously. Ignore the problem person and they will have no ammunition. I do appreciate the personal notes to me and I look forward to them in the future.

    This will not be cross-posted to Pre-Dental. Any cross-posting by members will result in blocking of their posting privileges.


    Richard R. Scherf, DMD, FAGD
  2. osamah

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    Dec 14, 2000
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    Thanks for replying/

    So, guys, you see our moderator is lively & completely in touch with SDN... No need to change him...

    Keep it up M
  3. Lee

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    Attending Physician
    Dick Scherf is one of the co-founders of the Student Doctor Network. If it weren't for him, the entire SDN site might not be here at all.

    Dr. Scherf keeps a low profile purposely. He prefers to contact offending guests via private messages or email first. The balance between open discussion and flat-out flame wars is tough, and I think he does a great job keeping that balance.

    Monster2, we've checked your IP address and we know where you're from. I'm disappointed that any medical student or resident would behave so unprofessionally.

    And, for those that get riled-up over posts that degrade dentistry, what's the point? Ignore the post and move on. ;)

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