Sep 13, 2014
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  1. Psychology Student
Hello everyone, new to the forums here and would appreciate some advice. I am currently finishing my undergraduate degree in Community Psychology (counseling side of psych), and will be done next May. I am in the process of looking at graduate schools and i know that I definitely want to pursue my masters program. The two schools, possibly three, that I am considering are: St. Cloud State University which is an on-campus 2.5 year program; NorthCentral University which is 2.5 year program, online; and Capella University again 2.5 year, online. I am leaning towards the online programs because I want to work when I am in school and I also plan on moving into my partner's house which is in an area where there is no accredited MFT programs. I know all of these programs meet licensesure requirements for the state of MN, which is where I live....Basically I am looking for any advice on which school/program I should choose. I am hesitant of the online programs because I know in the field of counseling, face-to-face interaction is great, and I am worried that when potential employers see that I have a degree from an online school, they may not think I have the best education.
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