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Apr 29, 2004
I've read the threads and what has been said about MGH. It has the reputation of being malignant, though that was not my impression on interview day...but it's so hard to judge things based on just one day! I'm just looking to compare final impressions now that ROL's are almost due with folks who interviewed there or who know about the place...

Specifically wondering about...
- Call nights/intern autonomy (are you really alone, or is it really OK to seek help, ie does the culture exist where it is "weak" to call a senior resident?)
- Overall climate. How did the learning environment seem? Is teaching as ample and effective as it seemed at Hopkins? Or is the environment so cutthroat that you're frequently pushed back on your heels so that learning is difficult?
- What was your overall feel from the residents there? Did people seem happy, or was the happiness somewhat superficial?

Any other thoughts welcome.