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Jun 9, 2007
I'm a 2nd year student at a uni. in the US, double majoring in philosophy and political science. My goal is to eventually end up at law school, which is why I've undertaken a lot of law oriented extracurricular activities (pre-law society, mock trial, internships in the legal world). It has recently come to my attention that I might want to pursue an MHA prior to obtaining my JD, as healthcare law has always been an area of particular interest to me.

My question is how exactly I can undertake internship or volunteer activities that would show my interest in this area. As I've looked around, it seems that hospitals are generally unwilling to have undergraduate volunteers in their administrative or legal departments, which I understand. How should I go about pursuing activities that show that I have had an active interest in the healthcare industry and the possibility of attending graduate studies in healthcare management? Would volunteer experience that doesn't necessarily deal specifically with administrative capacities be an alright way for me to demonstrate an expressed interest in the field?

This is of particular concern to me because I will be graduating next year, as I've already incurred enough credits to graduate a full year early.