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Middle or lower third SLOE


Full Member
5+ Year Member
Jan 28, 2014
  1. Pre-Medical
I am currently on my first and only rotation for this year and I’m not really sure how I stand in comparison to other students. I’ve gotten good feedback from residents and attendings, but nothing over the top or amazing so I’m feeling I’m about average. I’ve also gotten feedback to have a better differential and plan and I feel like I’m not connecting with any attendings as well as I would have liked. So, is it negative to have a middle third SLOE or will I be ok?
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May 6, 2020
  1. Attending Physician
You'll be okay in the sense that there will be (at worst) some newly established EM program that would love a warm body as they look to fill out their first few classes. Apply broadly, and do not have any regional or tier expectations.

The answer to your question, in reality, requires much more detail including scores, medical school, third year performance, research and extracurriculars.

I don't think your worry should be about getting into EM, it's be more about what you are going to do when you graduate in 3-4 years into a completely destroyed market with much less demand for your services! (Possibly with hundreds of thousands of debt)
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Jun 7, 2009
  1. Attending Physician
This will be an application cycle unlike any other.

It's good that you have insight. Demonstrate your teachability and efforts to improve what they recommend of you (differential diagnosis, plan, I suppose). There will be forgiveness for a non-perfect application, especially in this era (as stated above) of many new programs that can't match American medical students and are talking half foreign trained students for a critical care field


Program Director; Former Clerkship Director
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Feb 10, 2016
  1. Attending Physician
Middle 1/3 SLOEs aren't bad. They aren't good. They are in the middle. Candidates that get them are considered average clinically. Most programs are going to match several of the people in the middle of their list. Middle 1/3 candidates match. They may or may not match at their top program, but they generally match.
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