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Mar 26, 2016
When you're stressed out of your mind from taking to DAT to finishing the dental application, your mind tend to miss the little details.

So I've went through the application like a billion times before and after submitting but somehow I missed this every time, until today. Today as I was checking again, I noticed on the Family section, in the Phone number for both my mom and dad, what was filled out was my cell phone number. I admit this was a mistake on my part because my web browser, when I was automatically filling the address, put my phone number down as well, which I thought I corrected. Being that this is minor, I should ignore it but as the conscientious person I am I emailed TMDSAS to see if I can change that.

Moral of the story, your mind tend to ignore things they don't see as most important and now I feel like this :bang:.
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