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Oct 15, 2008
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I thought I'd share this with you guys. Maybe it'll make you chuckle. :p

So, there is this guy that used to have a thing for me (maybe he still does, I don't know). I never liked him back, so lately he's been making pathetic dbag remarks towards me.

Yesterday, I had told him that I got accepted to optometry school. He asked how I did on my OAT, and I told him 320. Then he said, "OMG. My new girlfriend beat you SOOO badly. She got a 355 on her OAT and got every school to invite her for an interview. Even Harvard!" :bullcrap: :laugh::laugh::laugh:

I told him, "Oh cool! So you're getting an M.D. for being massively dumb, right?" :smuggrin:

Come on now, if you're gonna bullsh*t, at least do your research first :rolleyes:
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