Jul 24, 2016
I have just recently graduated this past May with a major in Bio and currently studying for the OAT that I am scheduled to take within the next two weeks. I was in a car accident near the end of my fall semester of senior year, ending up in the hospital with a bunch of broken bones. But with all this going on I completely spaced on checking which prereqs were needed for some optometry schools and didn't add those into my final semester of school as I was just trying to graduate on time. I'm currently missing 3 classes, (biochem, stats, and micro). I am wondering how that will affect my application process, and how schools look at my application as I would need to send it in before I complete these courses. Should I try to cram all 3 into this fall semester at an accredited community college or do I have time to take it across 2 semesters which would be preferable as I am soon starting to work with a local optometrist?

I have already gathered my LOC writers and am currently working on my personal statement. This is the only thing that sort of fell apart on me! Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!
Jun 29, 2016
I would contact each individual school you are interested in. However, biochem and micro for most schools (not all) are recommended classes so it really depends on where you want to apply. Without these classes I believe you wont be able to finish you application.


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Aug 24, 2011
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The general rule of thumb is as long as you have classes done by start date.... you are fine (is the rule for med school, and a buddy of mine who goes to SCO finished his final reqs in the spring before classes started).

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Nov 11, 2014
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I think microbiology and stats are easy enough classes so it should be manageable to take all 3 at a community college. But if you can take it across two semesters and still get in your transcript before your school's optometry classes start that's what I'd do. Less stress and it will boost your GPA as you're more likely to get As over two semesters.