Please Help!!! Retaking courses

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Apr 24, 2020
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So I just recently graduated undergrad and am currently in a gap year before applying to optometry school. I wanted to retake some courses that I did not do so well in at a local community college. From reading others posts on this forum, I thought that you would retake courses that you have a C in, but when I went to register for them they said it was against policy. Is this rule for all colleges and/or universities? If this is true, than does that mean I can only retake courses if it is lower than a C average. I am just confused if I misinterpreted the information.

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At some universities only a C- or below counts as failing so they wont let you retake it at the same school. Try to look for another community college or university where you can retake the course. Another option is excelsior college which offers classes online. I took an Anatomy pre-requisite there but I made sure to email all the universities I was applying to with details of the course/online school and make sure they accepted it.