Mississippi state vs reapplying

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Feb 14, 2024
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Hi everyone! I am looking for some advice as I recently got into Mississippi state CVM but after visiting and looking at oos tuition interest rate I’m on the fence about attending. I got rejected from my in state school but gave my application to current students, mentors who are faculty there and students who got accepted and they all gave me great advice on diversifying my veterinary experience and things outside of vet med (prior to getting my acceptance). For background, I am an underrepresented student who really values diversity in both faculty members and students. After visiting Ms state, I noticed how much they lack diversity but everyone was very nice. I’m now conflicted whether reapplying or going as it will be a very hard culture shock for me being in a small rural town.

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Unfortunately, this is something you’re gonna have to figure out yourself. It’s absolutely okay if you think the price tag for Mississippi State isn’t worth it and you decline the seat, but if you do, make sure you’re mentally okay with the possibility that you won’t get in in subsequent cycles. Tuition is only rising and each year is competitive. Maybe you’ll get in somewhere you like better, but you might not. It’s up to you to determine if you’re okay with that risk. I don’t know that I would have turned down the spot back when I was a pre-vet. Now? I definitely feel like there’s a max price I’d pay to be in this profession and I think I could have been equally happy doing something else. But that’s a personal decision.

And I’m not ignoring your comments about diversity, but I don’t really feel I should/can chime in about that part since I am a cis white woman.
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