Mississippi State vs. NC State

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Nov 14, 2022
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I’m lucky enough to be utilizing my GI Bill to pay for vet school, so price isn’t a deciding factor. NC is my IS school however, I like Mississippi States 2+2 curriculum. My goal is to not only graduate vet school, but to also get into a surgical residency (undecided on small vs. large). Looking for current and past students willing to share their opinions on either school. Thanks in advance!

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One of the vets I work for went to Mississippi State and her son is there now. I asked her what she and her son liked most about Mississippi State and they both said the amount of surgeries you’re exposed to/allowed to do is a lot higher than most schools. Her son is a current 3rd year and said he loves the 2+2 system because of how much hands on work he gets to experience. You’ll still get exposure at NC State, but I definitely like the idea of a 2+2 curriculum. Hope that helps!