Mistake on secondary app...

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Jul 22, 2006
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I just submitted my Tufts secondary today in a hurry (didn't check through the preview app carefully before clicking the certified button). I didn't realize that there is a 'character limit' on the second question and thus my sentence got cut off in the middle...What do you think I should do? Should I call the adcom to apologize or just let it be? Would it really hurt my chances on getting their interview?

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I would let it go. I don't think it will destroy your chances and calling is probably pointless.
Yeah, I agree. Not knowing all the secret details of the online applications program is certainly not a crime. ;) Hopefully a lot of what you were trying to say wasn't cut off. If it was, just send an addendum and explain what happened. If it was just a sentence, I'd just let it go.

You don't have to have everything upon everything perfect to get "looked at." Most schools use those numbers formulas to cut people from lists; the rest get interviews, especially the ones with interesting medical or college experiences with hospital work or community service.

I don't think the sentence cutoff is going to help or hurt, honestly, as long as the gist of who you are is present.

Good luck, BTW. ;)
Thank you guys! I won't keep worrying then :)