Mnemonics for Lymphomas?

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Aug 29, 2009
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Just wondering...

FA is a little weak in this area. Does anyone know of any additional tricks to remembering the translocations and CD markers associated with the different cancers? Or have any additional resources that you have recommend?

I was going through Goljan, but he doesn't really teach you any nifty ways of remembering it. A little bit of me just died as I was reading those heme/onc chapters.


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Here's something for EBV relationship to Hodgkin's:

Mixed cellularity: Most EBV (70%)
Lymphocyte Rich: FoRty% EBV (40%)
alot've these are stretches but i find them helpful, compiled from random crap-

Burkitt's: 8;14-->uppercase B looks like an 8; cmyc
Mantlle cell: 11;14-->11;14-->lowercase l looks like a 1 for 11; increased cyclin-d1 so crazy increase in cell cycle rate
follicular: 14;18-->fourteen starts with f, bcl-2-IgH w/ decreased apoptosis

for fusion proteins/crap i usually remember the prognosis and try to go from there: e.g. mantle cell = awful px, must be a bad's worse to have a protein forcing unchecked grow vs. lack of checkpoints, so cyclin-d1 is probably involved vs. bcl-2 which is just anti-apoptotic (so i think of it as a slower progression...whether that is the case, i'm not really sure :rolleyes:). i dunno if this helps, hopefully what you were looking for.
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for burkitt's lymphoma, just imagine the guy's name is mike burkitt.

Everytime I see or think of burkitt's lymphoma I just remember it's mike burkitt's lymphoma.

mike = c-myc
Someone at my school told be this one for mantel cell and follicular:

Mantel: 11-14 because you are proud of your 11-14 year old and put their picture on the mantel
Follicular (has germinal centers): 14-18 because when your kid is 14-18 they start breaking the law and you have to send them to the germinal center

Kind of dumb but it works for me.
Hodgkins lyphoma:
Reed and Sternberg are the names of the two eyes looking at you (reed sternberg cells)
Hodgkins lymphoma is a hedge-hog digging through your chest == systemic syndromes (fever, pruritis, pain with alcohol since it annoys the hedgehog, and contiguous growth since it can't teleport). It is usually in the mediasteinum since thats the only place where a hedgehog can fit.
Prognosis is usually excellent since hedgehogs are commonly killed with poisons.

just memorize this:
Most are cd30+ and cd15+ and associated with EBV

Nodular sclerosing is most common and has lacunar cells and collagen

There can be "nonclassical" hodgkins that are cd120+ and cd45+ but cd30/15 negative. These are often nodular lyphocyte predominant.

Nonhodgkins lymphomas:

Burkitt's Lyphoma: 8:14 = 8urk14 (14 == it), burkitt is a little kid who likes to blow bubbles (blue cells with bubbles in cytoplasm), and read comics (c-myc), and look up at the starry sky. He ran away to africa and got punched in the jaw and got EBV.

Mantle cell lymphoma: 11:14 = imagine the 11 being a fireplace, the 1 being an OLD MALE and the 4 being a couch that he is about to sit on. Or you can think that 11 looks like a fireplace, and 14 looks like M. The fireplace has FIRE (CD-5 sounds like Fire), and since he is old he likes 'cyclin (bicycling).

Follicular Lymphoma: 14:18 = Four-Lick-ullar lymphoma. There is a 4 in the first one and the 8 looks like a tongue. It also has cleaved cells, which look like tongues. It has bcl-2 because it likes 2 lick.

Diffuse large B-cell lyphomas: most common NHL because it is diffuse, children and old adults tend to be large so thats who gets it. Older people wear rings and have GI problems so these lymphomas can present with waldeyer ring and GI involvement.

Adult T-cell lymphoma: Some adults are attracted to Teens and give them flowers (flower cells in blood). This may happen in Japan where they have a thing for loli anime characters. This could result in transmission of HTLV-1, which is a STD.

Mycosis fungoides/Sezary syndrome: can present as a really bad fungus-like growth on the skin or head (cerebriform nuclei in peripheral blood). and is Cd4+ (4 looks like scissors = scezary)

I have a story like this for every disease and drug. Its the only way i can remember.
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