Molecular Pathology

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Auer Rodd

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Oct 27, 2022
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I am hiring manager for large national laboratory.

Is there any reason to hire a board-certified molecular pathologist when a board-certified molecular geneticist can be hired to sign out molecular results for half the cost?

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Since you work on behalf of a large national laboratory, is there any reason you can't ask this question to them? Ask the medical director.
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Try the forum for hiring managers of large national laboratories. They may be of more help.
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I will give you an answer in the form of an analogy:

Is there a reason to hire a hiring manager for a large national lab when you can just post a job posting on, Indeed, or even Craigslist?
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The OP may have misspelled Rod.
Why hire doctors when you can hire NP's for half the cost? :shifty::shifty::shifty:

OP has a promotion coming. Excellent admin material.