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Feb 22, 2004
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I'm a GMO Navy done PGY-1 in IM w/ desire to moonlight for remaining 2.5 yrs prior to going into civilian residency. TriCare rules in Norfolk prohibit us from working in UC ERs that accept TriCare pts thus asking what other jobs can MD's w/ a license and DEA # do?

Any consultant work..chart reviews, etc.?

Any advice appreciated since I'll be taking a pay hit once returning to civilian residency and wish to make some beans to brace the fall.



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Aug 10, 2003
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I know that issue of Tricare patients in ER/UC's has come up for some of my friends back in the states. The way that some of them dealt with it was by going to some distant ER/UC an hour or two away from the MTF - far enough that you won't have that problem, but close enough that you can still make money after traveling there for a couple weekend shifts.

Sorry I don't have any more gouge about moonlighting, but I've been stuck overseas for the duration of my time - no opportunities over here :mad:
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