Moonlighting--when and how much?

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Oct 24, 2002
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Hey people,
I'm staring a peds residency in Cali this June. I'm wondering about moonlighting, when you're "allowed" to start doing that, how do you find the jobs and how much can you make? I've been crunching numbers with my salary and bills and realizing extra cash would be good....sooner rather than later....

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Jul 29, 2005
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I'm a second year resident in Southern California. First you have to get through your intern year and take step 3 so that you can apply for a Ca license. Getting your license and DEA takes about 3 months, so do it as soon as you start second year. Once you have this, if your program allows it, you can moonlight anywhere that will accept you. In IM, most gigs are between $75-$85/hr with malpractice included. There are some rare finds that pay more...I had a really good part-time administrative job with a home health agency earier in the year that was $2500/mo for about 20 hours of work a month...paid in cash. Alot of places won't hire you until you are a third year, though (e.g. Kaiser Permanente). Enjoy Ca