More rank list Qs - please help compare these programs

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Jan 28, 2015
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Hi, I know the forums are bombarded with rank list questions this time of year, but if you have a minute could you please help me compare these neuro programs as well?:

- UPenn
- Partners

I know these are all excellent programs and I'd be thrilled if I matched at any of them, but I was hoping to solicit any input or insights people have on any of these individual programs or how they compare with each other. I got really good vibes from Penn (everyone seemed friendly and it felt like a supportive environment) - does Penn have a reputation of being a particularly supportive environment? I've also seen a couple of program lists (from an advisor and from Doximity) that rank Penn a little below Partners/UCSF, but I don't know if that is based on anything substantive. I am interested in an academic career and so the ability of a program's graduates to get faculty positions is important to me. I have no geographic restrictions.

Thanks for your help!


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Dec 22, 2006
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I went to one of those programs, and I had all three in my top five rank list. I think from a career development perspective they are indistinguishable. You can become a successful academic neurologist in essentially any specialty any any one of them, with grant funding and jet skis and the whole nine yards. Penn is great, and when Galetta was there it was a super supportive place to be, and I assume that hasn't changed substantially in the interim. But it's different from Partners and UCSF in feel and culture, and that's what you're going to have to decide. You can compare Doximity and whatnot all you want, but in the end all of those ranking systems are completely divorced from the reality you will be living as a resident. It's not like Hopkins and Partners are demonstrably different year to year when they swap spots. Those three programs will carry weight throughout your career because they are fantastic places to work and do research with a track record of training and placing great people, and that is not dependent on next year's US News report.

This is one decision where you can go with your gut and suffer absolutely no negative repercussions. You'll get elite training and an elite name at any of them. Pick based on climate, food culture, and sports teams and you'll probably be happy.
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