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Jan 12, 2000
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Scheduling rotations at navy sites in excess of the one required AT is near to impossible. Im an MS3 looking for MS4 rotations.

Anyone else having this dillema? and HOW DO I GET MORE ROTATIONS AT NAVY HOSPITALS??

Please help.

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May 8, 2003
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Why can't you just schedule it and pay for the housing and whatnot yourself? that's what we do in the army when we run out of rotations though, so I'm not sure if the navy works the same way.


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Dec 19, 1999
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I don't see why that strategy won't work, unless there's a shortage of clerkship spots. It's called "no cost" orders and I've used them to do tons of things remotely related to military without having to burn my leave.

Another thing you can do if you know someone else in HPSP or USUHS is the back-to-back rotations at the same (geographic) place. One of you is on orders, so the hotel/BOQ room is paid for and the other crashes with first guy. In the next rotation the first guy is on no-cost orders but the second guy is now getting the room paid for.

Maybe not the best answer to your exact question, but I though it was a good idea regardless.

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