MPH (London) or MBS (Barry)

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Jan 16, 2006
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Hey guys, I want to make my application look better for dental school for the fall 2009 so what would you recommend me doing?
I did a Bachelors in Science already at U of T in Toronto. So how do you feel about a Masters in Public Health (done through distance studies) at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. By doing this I could work, earn money and get a masters in 2 years. I'm just wondering what will schools think of a Masters done in this fashion (distance). But London is a great school though so I am not sure. Public health also interests me a lot so I will love to do it, so that in the future I can use it with my DDS degree. I don't know how intense or difficult this program is. If anyone has heard of this program let me know please.

Now, I think that since I want to impress adcoms, a Masters in Biomedical Sciences could probably have a better impact on them as the program is like the first year of dental/med schools. However, I am afraid that the adcoms will feel that Barry is not a reputable university. i've heard students have said that with hard work you can do well in the program so i'm willing to go for it.

I think I might opt for Barry because the courseload is related to dental school....share your opinions please. What should I do? I am taking a risk anyway cuz nothing guarantees me a spot in dental school, I am just getting closer I guess. I am afraid that after doing a masters at Barry I won't get in. What could I do with my life if I don't get in dental school, keep taking graduate level courses until I get in?? If so, maybe I can take a few public health courses I guess and not the whole masters in public health....

In the end, I am not sure what will enhance my application the most, I will also take my DAT again. But in the meantime I really want to get a Masters so please help me decide between the 2 options here.

I greatly appreciate your help in advance, take care all!

Marcia :D

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I'm finishing up an MPH and have found out since that they're very popular and in demand...but you just got to find out for yourself what you like/don't like. There's a lot of things I like about the MPH, but there are also many other things I don't like about the MPH.
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I recently finished a MPH with a concentration in environmental health. I decided to pursue dentistry while in the program. The only downfall with an MPH is that many of the classes you take aren't factored into your BCP GPA. In my case I had a few rough semesters during undergrad that hurt my BCP GPA. I'm now continuing to take upper level science classes. My advice would be to do the Barry program or one similar to it. If admission to dental schools is your #1 priority then I would beef up your science GPA. Those classes will also help you study for the DAT. Best of luck! DB
Thanks Smills91 and DB! I'll prolly go for the masters in biomedical sciences. Does anyone else here knows a bit more about Barry? Thanks in advance