MS-4 on Rad-Onc, need help with selecting presentation topic.




    I'm a MS-4 going into anesthesiology. I took Rad-onc because I wanted a laid back rotation but also wanted exposure to something different. I have to do a 15 minute "low key" powerpoint presentation on a topic of my choice (very open ended).

    I know very little about radiation oncology and was wondering if you guys had a topic that would be fruitful and interesting to do a presentation on. Something that is relatively easily digestable and possibly applicable to my future interests.

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      Well, obviously I'm no expert in anesthesiology but some pertinent questions that come to mind:

      1. What are the long term risks to kids from repeated anesthesia daily over a 4-6 week period

      2. Is there any risk of twitching or movement during treatment (I assume a paralytic agent would be used to prevent this)

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