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Well of course im a typical american guy who thinks after 1 interview i konw what the hell im doing! But i just watned to share some things i thought helped me out during the interview. First off, im a really outgoing person who loves to talk and doesnt get shy etc, so if you are not like that, this may not work as well. But i was always told to prepare and go over mock questiosn and mock interviews. That is crap to me. I would recomend staying up on current events. ie. CNN.com health, so you show that you know whats going on in the world and what is important in the health field.
however, once it is you and the interview, you really have to go with what type of person they are. A quick read will let you know if they like to talk about themselves, or if they like to talk about you.. if you converse well etc. The first few mins it is a great idea to ask a ton about them and find out some interests of theirs, or try to figure some out based on their office or what kidn of doc etc. Then you can use those to realize which points of your life you want to talk about.
My interviewer told me that i was the most honest interview he had had. I didnt always know the answers but i would say that i didnt and explain why i would not know or could not know etc. I truely was myself, it was the mood like i was having a beer with a buddy of mine. Calm relaxed and alot of laughing and joking.
Its such a cliche but being yourself is all you need. And if you are shy.. well dont be yourself.. be outgoing for a day.. be a talker.. Make answers concise and confident.. no hms hums etc.
If you run into an issue you dont know how to answer. Well just talk about what your thinkig that moment. For example how hard a question that is and why you think so. THey look highly upon honesty. My interview went great so just watned to pass along some things i tried to do. Good luck to all you lucky bums who have tons of interviews coming up! no more forme scheduled boo hoo
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