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My COMLEX studying .. some help


Full Member
15+ Year Member
Jun 23, 2003
  1. Attending Physician
Hey guys,

I take Level I on Jan 12, so I have about 3 weeks left. So far I have

Read Savarese and made flashcards from it
Read BRS Physiology and done questions
Read most of the systems-portions of FA

My problem is that I don't remember much, so I plan to go through them again, but not in much detail.

Every day I ...

Go through the microbiology cards
Go through the pharm cards
Review my OMT cards

Having said that, what should I do with the next 3 weeks, other than continuing to do cards? I plan to hit up UW something fierce. I didn't really focus much on techniques in the Savarese book, as I was under the impression level I doesn't really test much on techniques.

I still have to go through HY Neuro. Is Blueprints OB/Gyn good enough for the potential OB section? Other than continuing to hammer my flash cards and UW I'm not sure what else to do. I have to keep doing the micro/pharm cards because I can't remember anything for more than 3-4 days.

Tips appreciated
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10+ Year Member
5+ Year Member
Mar 6, 2006
  1. Medical Student
Have you done any questions or assesments (NBMEs) to see where you stand? I would definitely hit up USMLE world as you mentioned. I might also take a NBME to see if you are retaining the information you are studying. Blueprints OB/GYN is way too much detail for that portion of the COMLEX in my opinion. You need to know basic physiology of menstruation (know which hormone levels rise during which part of the cycle) and maybe some basic fetal-maternal circulation ?s. Remember that most people that take the USMLE/COMLEX step I have not had their OB/GYN rotation yet so it is going to test on basic concepts learned from physio and path. I would also know STDs well since they like those ?s. The COMLEX will still use some buzz-words esp when describing STDS....cottage-cheese discharge, pear-shaped w/ falling leaf motility, etc. Flashcards are good for micro and pharm, but make sure that you are not just simply memorizing. The well-written ?s on the COMLEX will test your ability to reason out the answer vs. just simply spewing out facts. Granted I think you can pass w/ just spewing out facts but if you want a score better than average, you need to be able to integrate the information. Doing some USMLE world ?s on random, timed should give you some decent feedback on your ability to integrate or you can try the NBMEs for assessment purposes. Don't forget the viscerosomatics for OMM!!! I had a lot of sacrum diagnosis ?s on the OMT part & cranial dx (yuck!). Techniques weren't necessarily tested heavily on my COMLEX but I would know how to set the pt up (rotate R, etc) for muscle energy & HVLA given a dysfunction. Good luck!
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excess NADH
10+ Year Member
Jul 25, 2008
snowbird HELL!!
  1. Medical Student
HY neuro was overkill for my USMLE - today -, and even more so with the COMLEX back in June. Important concepts for sure, but for Step I COMLEX I would hazzard a guess FA should be fine , IF, you understand what you are studying...

Savarese is gold in my book for the COMLEX. Certainly know viscerosomatics and UE/LE nerve root distributions. It would also help to have a general idea of Chapmans points. I made flash cards as well for the OPP stuff and it paid off. If you are doing well on the tests in the back of Savarese, you should be pretty well set OPP-wise.

Good luck.
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