My Complete OAT Experience (Before and After)


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Sep 18, 2015
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So I took my OAT today and here is my overall experience with everything.

Before (How I prepped):

So I spent about 5 weeks studying prior to my exam date (which was today)

I used the following materials:
  • Chad's Videos
  • Kaplan
  • OAT + Math + Physics Destroyer
  • Various Notes I had from my undergrad (biology major)
Chads Videos - These were unbelievable helpful to me in the studying of GenChem, OChem, and Physics. I did not use his videos for the Biology section. His study guides were very similar to actual OAT concepts. They are a little deeper than what you need, but not by much.

Kaplan OAT book - Also very helpful. I read each section and did the corresponding practice problems following each chapter. I didn't really look at the flashcards or anything

Destroyer Series - The Math Destroyer was pretty much identical to the OAT. I did about 4 of the practice tests. The OAT Destroyer was also very similar to the OAT. The physics destroyer was much, much, much more difficult than the actual physics section. I gave up on the physics destroyer about 1/3rd of the way through.

Undergrad notes - Just a refreshers on some stuff I learned throughout the way.

Overall, I'd say Chads videos were the most helpful. I did not study for RC as I cannot imagine how someone can prepare.

The Exam:

Bio - All over the place. Bio is very diverse, so its expected.
OChem - About 50/50 reactions (what is the product) and conceptual. I think I had 2-3 Mass Spec questions.
Physics - Mostly conceptual and a few simple problems. Easier than I expected.
Math - Very similar to Math Destroyer
QR - Straightforward. Easy reading.
GenChem - Good array of all types of problems. Similar to Chad's videos

The Testing:

My test center was pretty nice. Got there about 15 minutes early and I was seated right at my appointment time. Clean workspace, everything worked properly. I cannot complain about anything.

With about 5 weeks worth of about 5-8 hours of studying a day, here are my scores:

QR - 400
RC - 400
Bio - 310
GC - 320
OC - 370
PH - 330
TS - 340
AA - 360

Can't really complain. Did better than I expected, lol.

On another note, selling all my books:

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