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Apr 9, 2017
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Hello everybody! I'm doing a summer research program that should be a great experience and I'm being paid. In addition, I'm retaking the MCAT next year and applying to 10 SMPs/post-baccs- this will leave about 1900 in my savings. Unfortunately, I will have to leave my job for the Summer and probably will not be able to keep it. Long story short, I need ideas on good jobs which are good for premeds taking gap years.

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I’m going to assume you’re a biology major in college. I’m also going to tell you approximately how much each job pays in the Bay Area.

Tutoring. Doesn’t really give you much except a bunch of money per hour. Technically you’ll probably make less than biotech per paycheck because you’ll be hard pressed to find a 40 hour week. This pays about $27-35 per hour.

Biotech if you want to make the most money. No pubs though and your job might be unrelated to medicine. Biotech can be really monotonous too (basically assembly line stuff) you’ll likely make $24-30 per hour though.

Research assistant/associate if you want the chance to get pubs and decent pay, but not if you need clinical experience. Pay ranges from about $18-24 per hour.

You can get a job as an MA or office admin at a clinic. This pays less than research, no pubs, but will get you clinical experience, although some might say less than scribing. $16-20 per hour.

Scribe if you want a lot of clinical experience but the least pay. Lots of great learning but only pays $10-12 per hour.

You could also do anything that isn’t biology or medicine related. I know people who work at coffee shops that with tips end up making as much/more than my friend who work in doctors offices as MAs or admins.
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