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Discussion in 'Pre-Dental' started by DMD DOC, Mar 29, 2002.

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    Feb 13, 2002
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    I just finished my interview at Nova and all I can say is WOW! The students were on spring break so I did not get to talk to alot of students, I did find one 4th year, one 3rd year and one first year student. Everyone I talked to said the experience was excellent and they feel they made the right choice. My tour was given my Su-Ann and was very informative, I heard other ppl had problems with their tour guides due to the fact they were only first or second year students, so they did not have alot to say about the facilities. I interviewed with four other people and one person who came for the tour but then decided Nova wasn't for her and she left before the interview, I thought that was kind of odd. My interview was very laid back and was carried out by Su-Ann and Dr. Lippman. I did NOT get asked some of the weird questions such as what car would you be,etc. My questions were what do you do in your spare time, why do you want to become a dentist, we talked about the other schools I have been accepted at and why I want to go to Nova, then we spent the rest of the time discussing my family and atmosphere of Nova (students, patient pool, diversity, facilities,etc.) The interview ran about 40 min. Dr. Lippman was very excited to see me during the interview and he sounded very promising. I remember Su-Ann saying that it could take up to a month to reach a decision on my application but Dr. Lippman cut in and said I would know way before that. It was a very positive experience overall. Afterwards, my cousins from FL and I went to Miami and that is a completely different story that would probablly get this post removed by the moderators : ) Hopefully I will be joining all the other acceptee's at Nova.

    - Vikas
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    Hey Vikas,

    I'm glad that you had a great interview experience! FYI, Dr. Littman's name is spelled "LIPPMAN" and his first name is Hal just in case if you want to look him up to email him or to reach him. :) So one month huh? That seems a little long for Nova to make a final decision, but like you said, Dr. Lippman will know way before that and maybe you can get that info from him prior to the acceptance letter in the mail! Good luck and great job! :cool: If you ever have any questions, just let me know or give me a jingle!
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    I Just wanted to say thanks for the info you provide on this forum. I don't know where you get all the info, or how you find the time to provide everyone w/ the info, but it is much appreciated. See you in August.

    RJR :)

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