Aug 27, 2015
Hey guys! So I've been stalking the posts here for a while now in preparation for my OAT earlier today and I must say it really did help a lot in easing my anxiousness. So, I decided to share my experiences leading up to the test as well to try and help others in return.

For starters, I took the Kaplan OAT prep course because I study better with one-on-one instruction. Yes, I know it is quite an expensive course, but I'd say it was worth it! There were 5 online practice tests that dad a pretty good job in helping me gauge the difficulty of the actual OAT, to practice solving questions under time restrains, and get use to being testing on a computer. Also, my instructors were very helpful and even helped me with starting a study plan. Taking a course might be worth it if you have trouble starting on your studying in my opinion. I did all five practice tests, read the ENTIRE Kaplan book, and did most of the quizzes Kaplan offers online too to prep. (All this is my personal opinion; not saying Kaplan is perfect for everyone because we all learn diffrently)

I also bought the Princeton DAT and OAT reviews to help supplement some of the more confusing topics (Kaplan doesn't explain physics as well in my opinion). Princeton also has two additional full lengths practice tests (that you print out though instead after registering your book). I do know a lot of people have bought Chad's videos and OAT destroyer, etc. But I just want to let you know that the materials that I have used also worked too.

My scores did steadily improve, but I think I might have worn myself out studying for a month straight for this test. My biggest advice is to take a break every once in a while. Like a day off to recharge. Actually, I was freaking so much as test date drew nearer that I ignored my schedule for a bit and I crammed for like 10 hours a day for like a two weeks before taking my 5th practice test (keeping in mind this was like 3 days before the actual test)... Yea the results weren't so good. I knew the material, but I just couldn't seem to show it. Instead, I recommend studying for 3,4, max 5 hours at a time and then taking an hour or an hour and a half break. A few days before the test, I slowed down my studying intensity, and the day before the test, I did zero studying. Just watched a movie, spent some time reading for leisure, and took it easier. The day of my test, I reviewed the important formulas and such for a couple hours before heading to my test. I think in this way, I was prepared because I studied, and also because I was recharged and ready to focus for 4.5 hours.

Finally for the day of the actual test, don't forget to bring a snack, water, and two pieces of ID. And please, don't drink too much beforehand, cause I REALLY had to go right before the break and couldn't concentrate for the last few questions of RC...
Take the 15 mins break too! Even if you don't feel like it, take it! Your brain needs a breather and your eyes need a rest from staring at the screen for too long.

Finally, my last piece of advice is to be confident! Good luck to every writing it!
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Jun 3, 2015
Do you know if the Reading comprehension Passages restart from question to question like the Kaplan Practice tests? And is the scroll box of the passage just as small? Or does the whole passage stick while you go from question to question? The layout for the Reading portion will make a big difference for me so any tips would be appreciated!