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Aug 16, 2018
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Hi! So I was accepted into stony Brook dental and touro dental, and i’m trying to decide between the two. The major pro with touro that I’ve heard of is that it is a little more “chill” and seems to be easier overall/takes up less of your time. Of course no dental school will be easy, but there may be some that are easier than others and from what I’ve heard touro seems to fit in that description. Any opinions on whether or not that is true about the school would be appreciated as well.

The major pro about stony Brook is the insane price as it’s super cheap. There is not much more to say about that. Some people say it is an amazing school in general and will prepare you to specialize etc. but I just want to go into general dentistry so I don’t NEED a school that goes over the top with preparing you for that anyway.
A con here is that I have heard that it is slightly more rigorous and D1 is integrated with the med program, any opinions on the rigor of stony Brook would be helpful as well.

Again I know dental school is hard wherever you go and I am prepared for that, but I still have a life outside of my career and do think that the time commitment should still be a factor in making a decision.

Please let me know any information or advice you guys might have, thanks!!
the cheaper program will make your life much much easier after you graduate...