1. L

    NYU vs. Temple vs Touro

    Help me choose between NYU, Temple or Touro please. Factors are cost, area, clinical experience, overall opinions from students in terms of happiness and how they feel at the school, and anything else that is important to know.
  2. cataraway

    UDM vs Touro (NY>NM)

    Hello, I currently got accepted by UDM and Touro (2+2 program and NM for clinical) and really hesitated to make a decision here. I am an international student on F-1 visa, so both programs cost same amounts. I am not considering any specialty for now, so I value most about the quality of...
  3. B

    Touro Nevada MHS 2024-25?

    Hi everyone, has anyone gotten into Touro Nevada '24-25 for the MHS program and is planning to attend? Hoping to start a new thread for potential classmates :)
  4. toothfairy1357

    Stony Brook Dental vs Touro Dental

    Looking for input from current students at either Touro or Stony: They both would be around the same cost since I would be commuting to Touro, and I like how Touro has state of the art digital dentistry and brand new equipment, as well as being close to home surrounded by friends and family...
  5. V

    Touro Dental Linker Program

    Have anybody in here gotten an offer to this program and got into Touro dental school? How is the program? Do you recommend it?
  6. C

    Touro Nevada vs Campbell?

    I’m from California but I also have family in North Carolina. Can anyone who went to these schools or knows anything about them chime in about the quality of their rotation sites or anything else that would help me make a decision? I’m also interested to know what the overall vibe is like, how...
  7. D

    Help choosing SMP

    Hey all, going to be doing an SMP to help boost my GPA and gain acceptance into medical school. Right now, I am accepted to all SMPs listed in the title and I need help weighing the Pros/Cons of each program. Now considering my age and situation, I would *prefer* to get into med school asap...
  8. D

    Touro vs stony

    Hi! So i’m currently deciding between Stony Brook Dental and Touro Dental and I was wondering how important each pro is in making a decision on which school to go to. Touro: I know that touro has amazing technology and I know that tech has a major influence in dentistry so I wanted to know how...
  9. D


  10. cosette7

    TouroCOM NY Campus Preference on AACOMAS

    TouroCOM NY Campus Preference on AACOMAS “Please denote what your campus preference is: Should you be offered an interview at TouroCOM-NY what campus would you prefer to interview at. Candidates will interview at one campus only and the interview outcome will apply to that campus only.” They...
  11. D

    Should I go to Touro-CA or take a gap year?

  12. O

    TouroCom Middletown Masters 2019-2020

    I've recently been accepted, and I'm very excited about this opportunity! Anyone else accepted, applying, or considering applying? I'm a non-traditional student and I'm hoping to find a female roommate, as the dorms seem rather expensive.
  13. P

    Nova MBS vs Touro MS Middletown vs Touro MS Harlem

    Hey, I recently was accepted into both Touro Harlem MS and Touro Middletown MS, and am currently waiting to hear back from Nova for their MBS program. I wanted to know which program, you guys would do? Please feel free to post honest feedback on any of these programs.
  14. Biggytooth

    NYU vs. Touro

    Hello, If you had to choose between NYU and Touro, what would you decide? NYU pros: Large patient pool, well established NYU cons: price (duh)-- A good $25,000 more a year. Touro pros: New clinic, a bit less expensive than NYU Touro cons: Patient pool Worth noting that Touro could increase...
  15. P

    NorCal DO vs MD (Touro vs. Northstate)

    Hey everyone! I am from Northern California and would love to stay in the area. I have been fortunate enough to have interviewed all over the US for several DO schools and loved what these schools had to offer. That being said, I have been accepted to two schools in NorCal - Touro and...
  16. P

    Temple (IS) vs. Maryland (OOS) vs. Touro

    Maryland gave me a little scholarship to start with. not enough to overcome the amount it is for out of state tuition. temple is my in state school. - but seems like i would have to apply for scholarships and i would not find out until much later. I would like to be a general dentist, not...
  17. M

    Touro COM Middletown vs NYIT COM

    I need help making a decision by tomorrow. Would love if anyone can give their experience in both!
  18. K

    NYC Biostatistics Programs

    Hello all, I am planning on applying to MS (not MPH) in Biostatistics programs for next fall and am trying to land myself in NYC. Does anyone have any opinions on the quality of the various programs in the city? Which are worth the application? As of now I am aware of programs at Columbia...
  19. J

    Decision To Make Between Pharmacy Schools. Help!

    Hello everyone! I am done with interviews finally and hearing back from schools. I unfortunately did not get into my top choice so I must decide between the remaining choices. Anyone have any thoughts on Manchester University in Indiana? Marshall B. Ketchum in Fullerton, CA? Northstate...
  20. H

    TUCOM CA vs Touro Nevada

    Question answered.
  21. H

    Deposit Extension or Expedited Review Possible?

    Question answered.
  22. S

    TUNCOM Class of 2022

    I think everyone was hoping to find a place for us all to gather now that we know where we're headed so welcome to the place to meet your future classmates!
  23. J

    Thoughts on Touro's MSMHS-COP???

    Hello Everyone, Has anyone attended Touro's MSMHS-COP program before? If so, was it helpful? Where are you at now at your professional career? Pharmacy school is my ultimately goal, but I was thinking this 10 month program would give me an edge when it comes to clinical residency after pharmacy...
  24. C

    Accepted to UNECOM, interview invite to TOURO Harlem, want to end up in NYC...

    Hey guys I got into UNECOM and have already paid my first deposit fee. I loved UNECOM but my one concern was that I want to end up practicing medicine in NY/NJ and live in the city. I just got an interview invite to Touro Harlem campus. Should I attend the interview because I will have a better...
  25. J

    Thoughts on Touro College New York???

    Hello everyone, I received an interview invite from Touro College Pharmacy in New York. I did some research on the school and noticed that they are currently accredited but on probation. I also see that this is their 2nd time on probation. Their tuition is higher than California's schools. What...
  26. L

    TUCOM-CA vs. TouroCOM-Middletown

    TUCOM-CA Pros California Great academics 20 years of history Did I mention California? Cons California - Home is New York. TouroCOM-Middletown Pros Close to home Friends in the area Hour drive from New York City Cons Not a single graduating class No academic gauge "Upstate" New York...
  27. Voytkostudios

    MA/MS Touro University Worldwide

    Hello all, I've been looking for information on Touro University Worldwide and their program in Marriage and Family Therapy. I can't seem to find anything concrete about this program beyond the basics of Touro University being non-profit and accredited. The program seems really great - it meets...
  28. Dockt0rOktopusz

    LECOM Bradenton vs TouroCOM Middletown? Urgent! Deadline Tomorrow

    Hey everybody, I've been an long time on/off lurker here but I need your help and wasn't sure who else to turn to, this late in the game! I've been accepted at TouroCOM Middletown (I was part of their master's/postbacc program) and even put in the deposit. However, I just got off the wait list...
  29. T

    Tourocom Middletown housing

    Hi, I'll be starting at touro middletown in late July and will most likely be living on campus dorms. But I just wanted some thoughts on what to expect? I read on another thread that the facilites there are not the best at times. So, would getting an apartment nearby be a much better option...
  30. idkwhatimdoing

    AZCOM vs Touro-Harlem

    Hi guys!! I'm struggling to make a decision here. These are my current pros and cons list: AZCOM Pros: More established Higher avg COMLEX 1 (by 10pts) Consistently high COMLEX pass rates Research seems available to anyone who wants it Rotations seem good. I like you have an option for...
  31. P

    Room availabe in new house (Stockton) for UOP/Delta students

    Hey guys, I have a brand new house in Stockton with one available room for any upcoming UOP/Delta students in need of housing. House is completely furnished with leather reclining seats, Big Screen TV, blazing fast internet modem and router and new appliances such as refrigerator and oversized...
  32. T

    Tourocom vs RVCOM masters!?!

    I'm interested in doing a 1 yr masters program and just wanted your feedback on which in your opinion is better. I'm currently looking at Tourocom and Rocky vista. I'm mostly interested in these two because they don't require you to retake the mcat. (However, feel free to suggest any other...
  33. D

    Touro-CA vs. Chapman (CA)

    Hey!! So could someone help me with decided between these two schools? I have done a bit of research on both schools, but aside from the stuff on their respective websites, and things that one can google, does anyone have any personal experiences with them or any specific factors from these two...
  34. sshidid

    NYMC Accelarated Masters Program vs Touro COM Masters

    Hi Guys! So I'm in a little bit of a dilemma. I got into both schools and I am hoping to do a 1 year MS program while applying to Medical School at the same time. GPA: 3.98, MCAT: 505. I went to a weak undergrad with a low graduation rate, high transfer rate, and pretty mediocre faculty----long...
  35. C

    What are you thoughts on Touro dental school?

    Hello. I posted the same thread on the pre-dental forum, but I wanted hear what dental students think of the school as well. Touro is a pretty new school that, I think, has potential to produce well-rounded dentists. I am curious to know about the prospects of its long-term reputation as...
  36. N

    Any 3rd/4th years who can provide some info on Touro-NV or LECOM-SH?

    I have been accepted to both schools and I am trying to decide which one to go to. From a lot of what I have heard, seeing how the 3rd and 4th years are structured should be considered when making a decision on schools. I'm looking for some genuine responses with cons as well as pros. I know I...
  37. N

    Any 3rd/4th years who can provide some info on Touro-NV or LECOM-SH?

    I have been accepted to both schools and I am trying to decide which one to go to. From a lot of what I have heard, seeing how the 3rd and 4th years are structured should be considered when making a decision on schools. I'm looking for some genuine responses with cons as well as pros. I know I...
  38. K

    TouroCDM@NYMC students, what do you think?

    For those who of you who are current D1's at Touro (or know a lot about the program), what are your thoughts? Any regrets, concerns, feelings towards the school? Any input is greatly appreciated :)
  39. F

    Touro Harlem VS. NYITCOM

    I have been accepted into both Touro Harlem and NYITCOM. I need to choose between one of these schools and I was wondering if I can get some Feedback. From the posts I have read, it seems that nyitcom is the better school but I was wonder how much better. Am I going to get a significantly better...
  40. J

    Touro COM Screening

    Hi, I had some questions about the Touro COM screening process. I was interested in applying to the Harlem campus, but I have heard that Touro screens applicants pretty seriously. Here are my questions: 1) Does anyone know what their cutoffs are? 2) If an individual is below the cutoff, does...