NAPLEX Registration Button hasn't turned yet.

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  1. Hello all,

    I know that there was a rumor flying around about the button changing from brown/orange within 24-48 hours of the exam. I took my exam on Tuesday in the morning. So far nothing has changed and the button is still greyed out. Should I be worried? Does this mean that I failed?

    I understand that if I am freaking out because it's literally been just two days. I took my IL MPJE last Friday and that hasn't come in either and I just want to know! If I failed, let me know so that I may plan my life accordingly and if I pass let me get on with my life. I can understand if my exam is a bit delayed because the first time I went to take it on the 17th, I was denied because the testing center wouldn't let me in due to both my IDs not matching my NABP account. So maybe that might be the hiccup? Any advice telling me your experiences at this moment will help greatly!

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    It sounds like you had to get a new ATT and pay a fee to re-sit for the NAPLEX. If that is the case, then your registration status has to change from "The Status of your NAPLEX® Re-sit has Changed to ATT generated" to "The Status of your NAPLEX® Re-sit has Changed to Registration Closed". When that happens that means that your state board of pharmacy has received your scores. The orange/grey button rumor is just that, a rumor. It's not even a theory. Whether you passed or failed the button will change from being greyed out to orange/brown or whatever.

    You will probably have your results by tomorrow. Go have a drink or 5!



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