NAPLEX: which book???

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Oct 6, 2004
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hello! i am debating on which book to study from for the naplex. my friends are thinking about the 'comprehensive pharmacy review' book but i am looking at apha's review book. my friends say the for former book is better because of the way it is set-up and the fact that there is a test packet available.

is either one comprehensive enough for the naplex? or is it recommended that with either book, other books to supplement is needed?

i'd definitely appreciate any feedback! thanks in advance!!! sv :love:

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I used Prontopass. The apha and shargel book was too much reading for me. I scored 120 naplex. Good luck.
hi, thanks for the response! and congrats!!!

forgive my ignorance, but i didn't even know about prontopass. . . so either book is too much compared to the prontopass program? i know it is a small amount in the long-run but man, it is $$$!
ProntoPass here too
ProntoPass is the outlined form of APhA. You can take notes from APhA but what for, save your time and just spend $$$ on that program and you'll be fine. try to ask around for a used one if you're really short in $.
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Do u have the memoronics section, i am interested in buying...send me ur details
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