National Guard after HPSP?

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May 11, 2015
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I’m HPSP and while I like it, I don’t think I’ll make a career of it. I was curious about the National Guard though since I can choose the state I would be in for the rest of the time in service. What does their compensation look like for a 63A CPT with 4 years of active duty? Also, how is the promotion process? What grade could someone expect to make by 20 years? And if anyone here is National Guard, what does your drill schedule/duties look like?

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i am a dental student in the National Guard as a 2LT. Will automatically become a CPT and dental mos when I graduate. The other dental officers say 20 years and you should make 0-6 as long as you don’t do anything stupid

Drill for them is once a month usually 2 days on the weekend but sometimes 3 days so we can take a month off. Biggest problem we have is figuring out where to go to lunch. For real though it is just exams. Not drilling or filling that is for the civilian dentists down the hall.