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Navy Reserves

Discussion in 'Military Medicine' started by oldjeeps, May 10, 2008.

  1. oldjeeps

    oldjeeps Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Anybody know anything about this option?
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  3. i want out

    i want out Member 10+ Year Member

    Jul 12, 2006
    Reserve is just that, when the .mil is getting close to running on empty, they tap the reserves for backup.

    Probably not a bad deal during the cold war or after when we weren't really doing much with the military except training.

    BUT now when we are fighting two wars, reserve is just delayed active duty.
    Now its not a matter of whether you will be activated as a reservist, its when, and how often.
    And if they try to sell you some assurance about not getting deployed at any specific time then you should read the contract which will always and forever more have a clause that says that needs of the service will take precedence.

    good luck, and don't believe anything the recruiter says.

    i want out (of IRR)
  4. orbitsurgMD

    orbitsurgMD Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Dec 27, 2005
    What? You don't want DMC any more? Not Receiving, not Harper, not Grace?
    (You have the best VA hospital, you know.)

    As others said, Reserves is much more likely to mean call-up these days.
    If they still have the residents program that lets you show up once every 6 months for PRT testing and a boring afternoon of lectures, you might inquire, but the standard 1 weekend a month/ 2 weeks a year deal won't work for you. Also, when you sign, that is an 8-year military service obligation, whether drilling reserve or not.

    Are you sure you won't miss the steam coming out of the middle of the streets in winter or the charms of Cass Ave.?
  5. oldjeeps

    oldjeeps Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    With all of the fighting between the DMC and WSU... I can't get out of here fast enough. And if this is the best VA, that's scary.

    I understand that since we are at war the reserves will be called up (the only question is when), I heard that there is a cap on the length of deployments for docs of 3-4 months. Any truth to that?
  6. lazyanteater

    lazyanteater whatcan brown do for you? 7+ Year Member

    Jun 7, 2004
    I know for the national guard / army reserves its supposedly 90 days in country, and then whatever else for demob. That being said ive heard that you can volunteer to stay longer (or be voluntold). I remember reading some where on here that it didnt apply to the naval reserve . All the docs at the guard unit i'm joining for school have only been there 90 days (they said anymore would be a practice killer).
  7. amindwalker

    amindwalker Forgetful omniscient 7+ Year Member

    If you haven't been sworn in yet, I recommend that you look into the new Army Guard ADSW (active duty for special work) program for medical & dental students. It's way better than the Guard stipend deal. I just signed on for my last 3 years of med school. It's active duty 2LT salary + housing & subsistence allowances and all of the other active duty benefits, at a 1:1 obligation. Check with your recruiter or PM me. They are only taking 200 people nationwide. It's only for people commissioned on or after 1 April 2008.

    The above post is aimed at Lazyanteater. If you want Navy, go Navy. If I were 22 and single, that's definitely what I would do. I love the sea, I worked on cruise ships for a while in my youth. It is not at all the same as serving in the Navy, but I did get to live at sea. I wish I could afford to go Navy, but at 39 with a family, the Guard works better for me.

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