NBDE Part 1

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Jan 8, 2014
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Hello, Could someone guide me to book NBDE part1 exams. I am an international dentist. Should I get my ECE evaluation done first and then start booking my exam dates or can I do it parallely. Also do I need general evaluation or course by course evaluation by ECE? Thank you.

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You do need the ECE evaluation in order to book the NBDE Part 1 exam date. Just go for Course by Course evaluation because you have to get that done when applying via CAAPID. Send the same to JCNDE. You will then receive eligibility and be able to book a date. Go the JCNDE website, they have all the information. You CAN'T book your date unless you are deemed eligible by JCNDE so I would suggest that the first thing you do is get eligibility.
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hi I'm just new here, preparing for my nbde part 1..anyone can give dental decks for me to download,, thank you so much!