nbde part 1

  1. tkhan1540

    passing NBDE part 1

    I have taken the NBDE part 1 recently and passed. I studied for 5 weeks and that was about 2-3 hrs. daily 5 days a week. Towards the last week I spent 4 to 5 hours studying. I started with the First Aid book but it was too detailed; I am more of a visual learner so if you prefer reading material...
  2. DentalRose

    NBDE part 1 ANATOMY resource question

    Hello all! I'm taking the NBDE part 1 soon, and I've learned that Anatomy is my weakest section. I've gone through First Aid, the NBDE mastery app, and some old tests. I don't have the $ for dental decks. I am wondering whether anyone has any good resources that goes over the Anatomy section...
  3. C

    Gross anatomy section of NBDE pt 1..

    hey guys, first post here on sdn.. I'm a 3rd year dental student and have been studying for the part 1 boards and so far have done decently on every subject... EXCEPT gross anatomy. I have been using the first aid nbde pt 1 book, have the mastery app, and also have the dental decks available if...
  4. RJLIL

    "Pass the dental boards" website subscription

    Has someone purchased the subscription and can recommend if I should do the same? It says he has 81 lectures. are those 10-15 min lectures? Thanks,
  5. S

    WhatsApp group to prep for NBDE I 2018

    International dentists willing to study along for NBDE part 1 to take it in 2018. Let's create a WhatsApp group!
  6. yankpak786

    Selling: NBDE Part 1 study materials

    Hi there, Recently passed the NBDE Part 1, and I am now selling an entire package for the NBDE Part 1. 2017 Edition of NBDE Part 1 Dental Decks, mint condition (neatly organized into 14-day study schedule) Kaplan NBDE part 1 study guide First Aid NBDE part 1 book ASDA released Q's booklet...
  7. E

    NBDE Part 1

    Hello, Could someone guide me to book NBDE part1 exams. I am an international dentist. Should I get my ECE evaluation done first and then start booking my exam dates or can I do it parallely. Also do I need general evaluation or course by course evaluation by ECE? Thank you.
  8. H

    For Sale NBDE PART 1 Dental Decks 2015-2016 *BRAND NEW*

    Brand New Dental Decks Part 1 2015-2016. I have never used them and received them as a gift. Price: $200 including shipping (must be reasonable distance/within the US) via Paypal Please let me know if you have any questions or need to see any pics
  9. 1

    NBDE part 1 from scratch, best method to study

    Hi there, I finished dental school in 2008, after many years trying to start studying for the boards I finally got serious about it. I got all my credentials evaluated and started the process of organizing my life and work schedule around my studies, I was concerning if been graduated 10 years...
  10. S

    Selling NBDE Part 1 Study Materials

    selling the following NBDE Part 1 study materials: 1. First Aid Book (3rd edition) 2. Dental Decks (2013-2014) **will also throw in a bunch of extra electronic files!** email me at [email protected] for pricing and more information!
  11. X

    How to apply for NBDE part 1 (procedures)

    Could someone please help me regarding this! Im an Indian Dental student, and Im really keen on answering the NBDE part one soon. What are all the procedures I'll have to follow inorder to apply? The instructions have been given in the guide but, i just felt it would be way more helpful to know...
  12. X

    Study Partners for NBDE Part 1 2017 and General Info!

    >> preferably an Indian Dental Student - As it will be easier to relate with someone who will be going through the same processes and procedures of application and examination as me! Email : [email protected] >> Dental students/dentists reading this who have answered or are going to answer...
  13. M

    Nbde part 1 -Study partner - florida

    Hello everyone ! from Argentina. planning to take nbde part 1 in florida( miramar area) augost 10th . I i need a study partner fulltime to go over all the questions before the test. I already study most of all the subjects. It would be great to find someone to kill the questions , since from...
  14. A


    I've started my nbde part 1 prep with decks and first aid, what else do i need to study?
  15. A

    Applying to a U.S dental school, please help!

    I've completed my bachelors in dental sciences in Pakistan this Feburary inow plan to take my NBDEs this year. I am completely lost! Could somebody please guide me through the whole process? I've read the guide and apparently i have to request a report from the ece but which eport exactly? What...
  16. C

    NBDE Part 1 One Month to study!!

    Hey Guys, I'm taking the NBDE part 1 in about a month. I havent really started studying. I have the dental decks, kaplan dent essentials, first aid, mastery app, mosbys, and board busters. Theres def no way I have time to go thru all of them but could you guys tell me which I should def read/do...
  17. K

    For Sale NBDE Part 1 - Dental Decks and more

    Dental Decks NBDE part 1 (2006) - $80 Passed both Part 1 and Part 2 in 2011, and finally got the chance to clean out. I have a lot of materials from school (and previous successful test takers), which I can include or sell separately. DC area. Will ship anywhere, but additional for actual...