Jan 14, 2021
Hello. Dentist in US of 10 years, passed NBDE back then. NOW, studying for NDEB in Canada. Looking for suggested priorities to study, heard of released exam questions but answers are not available so this seems cumbersome to look up each answer. Ordered dental decks part II (again). Looked into Dentist 2B but this site is no longer services and my computer gave me a hug warning about the site being unsafe.

Anyone have released questions with answers?

Anyone have experience practicing dentistry and taking the NDEB? Does experience help or is the test to didactic?

What is the best way or available ways to study for the OCSE and Prescription sections? Worried about leaning Canadian prescription writing and it certainly isn't in the dental decks.

Thanks Everyone! Test is May, 2021


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Nov 18, 2017
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you can also try to find info in facebook groups and instagram. they might be helpful.
Regarding OSCE i think it is better to ask residents or grad dentists

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