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Discussion in 'Step I' started by maria1180, Jul 26, 2011.

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    Hi...I am nearly 2 weeks away from the exam, and i would like to have some advice from you guys.
    I did FAx3 , UWx2, and goljan audio twice... I finished nbme 11,12,uwsa1,and 2...(lowest -193: 4 weeks ago, highest-232).

    I read Goljan RR once 5 months ago(before the step1 prep), and was wondering if i should read it again?

    What should i do in these 10 days before the exam? I am so nervous and i just need to pass.
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    I think you're in good shape if you already did FA and UW multiple times. I think you should review any weak sections you have for a few days, then plan 1 final pass through FA. Try to finish your final pass 3 days away from your exam. That will leave you with 2 days to cram or memorize any sections that you haven't memorized already like micro and biochem especially. Take the last day before the exam to do light review of images in FA and in Goljan and you should be set.

    Anyway, that's just what I would do. I didn't get my score back yet so take my advice with a grain of salt. Good luck! :luck:

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