NECO Interview-advice, insight, what should I expect?


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Jul 8, 2018
Hello! I have an interview with NECO in about a month. I’ve read all/any posts about the NECO interview already, but what should I expect? Besides the usual why optometry, why NECO, etc. what were some out of the ordinary questions they asked? If you had lower stats, did they spend a lot of time asking you about your transcript? Honestly I’m so nervous even though I’ve seen a lot of posts about how it’s really conversational.

Also has anyone interviewed with NECO, and they asked you to retake the OAT? My scores were below what they usually admit and if they ask me to retake, I’d rather start preparing for that now.

Any info or insight would be appreciated!! Thanks in advance.

Side note, this is my top choice and also the first interview I have for optometry school, so fingers crossed!!
Jul 12, 2020
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Hi! My interview was very laid back and conversational, I was only really asked what started my interest in optometry, what courses I maybe struggled with in undergrad and what study skills I developed from that! But that was only really specific to my application as the faculty interviewer brought up one course in particular. I was also asked how I would choose between schools if I was accepted into multiple, gave me a chance to explain what I admired about NECOs program (I talked about the clinical aspect). Also you should have lots of questions prepared to ask, it shows that you are really interested!
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